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Planning Your Wedding Has Never Been Easier



"The app was so helpful for us when it came to picking special songs and preparing for the day" - Channing

Plan Your Special Moments With Your Very Own App

You most likely found your wedding vendors online, signed their contracts online, and made payments online.  So why would you use a pen & paper or even a spreadsheet to plan your wedding in the 2020's?

Each of our clients get their very own personalized Music & Timeline Planning mobile app.  Add songs and mark them as Must Play or Do Not Play, import that Spotify playlist you've been meticulously curating throughout your engagement, invite guests to add music and vote for songs, and add additional hosts such as planners & coordinators to help arrange your timeline of events.

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"His app was SO easy to use and made the planning a breeze!"

"We added some of our must-have songs to an app and Mike was able to add similar types of music for the rest of the event."

"He ran our wedding like a perfect project and made it so easy with the app!"

"From our initial consult, to his extensive planning tools, and the wedding day flow - we were beyond thrilled. "

"His planning tool was so helpful for us when it came to picking songs and preparing for the day"

"His planning ahead of time with the bride and groom for the perfect night is above and beyond"

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