Entertain Your Guests With Modern Elegance & Style


"Better than even our highest expectations! Our guests gave us so many ecstatic compliments." - Keith

Self-Service Social Booth

Allow us to entertain your guests even further with the use of our Self-Service Social Booth.  The perfect way to keep your friends & family engaged during those downtimes when you're off modeling for your photographer.

Old-fashioned Photo Booths incur added costs by including printouts that get left behind and become wasteful, disorganized props that add clutter, and an attendant to manage said prints and props.

Our modern Social Booth adds a touch of luxury & simplicity by allowing for a low-cost, no-waste, no-mess, no-fuss, technologically advanced Self-Service experience that delivers high-quality photos directly to your guests phones via text, email, or QR code.  The perfect way to expand your digital wedding album.