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Jordan + Alan at Deep in the Heart Farms

Come with me on a behind-the-scenes look at Jordan & Alan's December 2023 wedding in Brenham, TX!

Jordan found me on TheKnot website back in Nov 2022 and decided to hire me for her Dec 2023 wedding. Fast forward 4 months when I was contacted by one of Jordan's friends, Tabitha, saying she asked for vendor recommendations for her own Oct 2023 wedding and Jordan told her she had to hire me based on her experience so far, even though I hadn't even DJed Jordan's wedding yet! I thought this was awesome. Personal recommendations are every wedding DJ's dream! But what made it even more fun was the fact that even though Jordan had hired me first, it was Tabitha who would be getting married first, 9 weeks before Jordan. October rolls around and I DJ Tabitha's wedding at Balmorhea in Magnolia, TX. During dinner, I sneak outside to eat on the patio, when one of Tabitha's bridesmaids comes out and asks if I'm DJ Mike and introduces herself as Jordan, the friend who had hired me first. Not only did I not know that she was one of Tabitha's bridesmaids, but her soon-to-be husband was the Best Man that night! It was so awesome being able to throw an amazing party for not just one, but two sets of clients! And when Jordan's wedding finally came around 9 weeks later, I was so great being able to reunite members of her wedding party shortly after I had DJed their wedding.


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